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Black Friday in Istanbul

What is happening on Black Friday in Istanbul?

Shopping with exceptional discounts in Istanbul stores

Just like other cities and countries in the world, Black Friday in Istanbul is an event with special discounts. On this day, many travelers go to Turkey and use the discounts of various stores, especially the stores of famous and luxury brands in the world. If you are going to Turkey in November and you don’t want to miss the Black Friday discounts, stay with us in the rest of this article.

In the continuation of this article from Manolya Tour magazine, we are going to see what is happening on Black Friday in Istanbul, Turkey. So that we can have a purchase with exceptional discounts in Istanbul stores.

History of Istanbul Black Friday

The history of Black Friday begins with New Year’s shopping after Thanksgiving in America. On this day, people went to the market for shopping, and because of the huge crowd, the Philadelphia police called this day Black Friday. Little by little, this name caught on and Black Friday became known as a shopping day for the New Year. Black Friday discounts and people’s acceptance of discount stores were so great that Black Friday gradually opened its way to other countries.

This cultural transfer started from European countries like England, Italy and other neighboring countries. But little by little, Asian countries that did not celebrate Thanksgiving and New Year did not start the year for them, welcomed Black Friday. Turkey, despite its many travelers and tourists, became one of these countries. Today, many travelers go to Istanbul on the date of Black Friday and take advantage of the discounts in the stores of this city.

black fridayWhat is the reason for changing the name of Turkish Black Friday?

The reason for changing the name of Turkish Black Friday is not related to religious considerations. The term ‘Black Friday’ has been associated with negative connotations such as economic crises and traffic accidents. In Turkey, the name has been changed, with some referring to it as ‘Good Friday,’ to avoid these negative associations and present a more positive image. However, among local people and tourists, the day is still commonly known as Black Friday.

The differences between Turkiye and Black Friday in Istanbul with other cities and countries

One of the differences between Turkey and Black Friday in Istanbul with other cities and countries is that in many cities, Black Friday is only one day, despite the fact that due to the high popularity of this day in Istanbul, it lasts for a week.

Another difference that Istanbul’s Black Friday has with other cities in the world is that Thanksgiving Day is not officially included in the Turkish calendar, so Black Friday is not considered from a spiritual perspective, but from a commercial and economic perspective. It has been noticed by the general public.

The difference between Turkey and Black Friday in Istanbul with other cities and countries is not limited to these, and it can be seen in this city that because the special shopping conditions on Black Friday in Istanbul last for a week, people are not in a hurry to buy and They do not rush to the stores in one day.

Another difference that can be seen in Istanbul is that many brands that have a branch in Istanbul continue to offer their products with a 20-30% discount after the end of their Black Friday special sale.

Black Friday in Istanbul


What stores are on Black Friday in Istanbul?

If we want to answer this question very briefly, we must say that all stores participate in Turkish Black Friday. Whether it is a clothing store or jewelry and home accessories, all business and store owners can easily participate in this event, put a percentage discount on their products and then attract more customers. On Istanbul Black Friday, people can go to brand stores and use the discounts of this day to buy clothes, shoes, jewelry and other such items.

Or that people who intend to buy household appliances, sports, electronics and other such items, wait for the start of Black Friday in Turkey and go shopping on this day so that they can buy the items they need at a much lower price. Of course, it should be said that not all stores will join this event as a guarantee. But due to the increasing competition to attract more customers, most of the big and reputable shopping centers will offer great discounts.

How to have a successful shopping on Turkish Black Friday?

If you have traveled to Istanbul or other cities of this country to shop on Black Friday in Turkey, you must first know how to shop in these centers. There are some very important points for before the start and when shopping on Black Friday in Istanbul, by observing them, people can have a successful shopping in Turkish stores without any problems. These golden tips for shopping on Black Friday in Turkey are presented in the rest of this section.

Make a list of the things you need before Black Friday starts

Black Friday in Turkey is only one day and you don’t have much time to get your essential items. So, if you didn’t go to this market just for shopping and you plan to get your essentials, make sure to have a list in advance and proceed according to that list. Crowding and high variety of goods on Black Friday in Istanbul can distract you from essential goods. For this reason, it is very important to have a note to remember.

Do your research before Istanbul Black Friday begins

Don’t be one of those customers who wastes time asking about products and their uses on Black Friday. For example, if you need a mobile phone, research it before Black Friday in Turkey and choose the model you want. Then you can go to a store very quickly and easily and get your desired phone during the week of Istanbul Black Friday discounts. So don’t forget that it is very important to research the products before buying them.

Compare prices on Black Friday Turkiye

If you assume that all stores and shopping malls genuinely offer discounts on their products when Black Friday starts in Istanbul, you may be mistaken. Some sellers may increase the original price of goods and then apply a discount, essentially returning the price to its original level. Therefore, it is advisable to research the item’s price before purchasing. If you find that the discount is not genuine, consider exploring other stores to make sure you get the best deal. This practice is often aimed at tourists, as they may be less familiar with the typical prices of goods.

Compare website and store prices

Another important consideration for Black Friday in Turkey is that, in many cases, the prices on the websites of shopping malls are lower than the prices inside their physical stores. During Black Friday, stores can become extremely crowded. To manage the crowds, many sellers provide additional discounts on their online platforms, encouraging customers to make purchases online rather than in-store. If the store has an online sales site, be sure to compare prices between in-person and online options. Given that Black Friday discounts in Turkey extend for a week, you’ll have ample time to compare prices and make informed decisions.

Consider refraining from making impulsive purchases during Istanbul Black Friday sales.

During Istanbul Black Friday, keep in mind the philosophy behind Turkish Black Friday discounts: to enable people to acquire essential and needed items at a more reasonable price. It’s important not to be swayed by high percentage discounts into buying more items than necessary. Focus on purchasing only what you truly want or need. Remember that Istanbul Black Friday lasts for a week, so allocate your funds wisely to ensure you can meet essential needs in the days that follow. Avoid buying anything on sale just for the sake of a discount, as this may result in wasteful spending.

Can the items purchased on Istanbul Black Friday be returned?

Sometimes, individuals may find themselves dissatisfied with a product purchased from a store or website. In such instances, they have the option to return the product to the seller under specified conditions. A common question is whether this policy applies to Black Friday shopping. It’s important to note that all stores with a product return policy typically maintain this rule even during Black Friday. Customers can initiate returns as long as the specified time for the purchase has not elapsed, and the product remains undamaged. Prior to making a purchase, it is advisable to confirm that the shopping center you are considering adheres to this policy.

Turkiye’s Black Friday in 2023 and the last word

Black Friday in Istanbul, like in other parts of the world, is observed on the last Friday after American Thanksgiving, which falls on November 24, 2023. Those planning to participate in this event and capitalize on significant discounts in shopping centers can consider traveling to Turkey during this period. To delve deeper into the history of Black Friday and its origins, explore additional content from Manolya Tour. If you have previous experiences with Black Friday shopping in Turkey, we invite you to share your insights in the comments section. Thank you for being with us in another article.

Frequently asked questions:

– When is Turkish Black Friday?

  Turkey’s Black Friday, like in other countries, commences on November 24.

– How many days is Black Friday in Istanbul?

  Black Friday in Istanbul extends for almost a week, distinguishing it from the single-day format in some other countries.

– Which stores offer Black Friday discounts?

  The majority of both physical and online stores in Istanbul, Turkey, participate in Black Friday discounts to attract a larger customer base.”

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