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What is Antalya Card? From price to complete usage guide

What is Antalya Card? From price to complete usage guide

What is Antalya Card and what are its benefits?

The Antalya Card is a vital aspect to familiarize yourself with when traveling to Antalya, ensuring seamless commuting within the city and convenient access to various attractions. This card not only simplifies transportation for passengers within the city but also offers cost-effective solutions for exploring the sights. In this article by Manolyatour, we will delve into the different types of Antalya cards, their prices, the process of charging, and explore their features and applications, providing a comprehensive guide for travelers.

What is Antalya Card?

The Antalya Card functions as a credit card designed to facilitate payments for commuting fares within Antalya’s public transportation system. If you’ve previously visited Istanbul, you may be familiar with the Istanbul Card, and the Antalya Card shares similarities, albeit with more limited applications. Unlike universal transportation cards, the Antalya Card is specific to certain vehicles in the city and cannot be used across all modes of transportation.

In recent years, Turkey has made significant strides in enhancing its public transportation infrastructure, adopting the latest technologies to streamline travel for both locals and tourists. The country’s transportation systems align closely with those found in European cities, and to navigate them efficiently, adhering to a few tips can expedite your journey.     The primary advantage of the Antalya Card lies in its ability to make travel more affordable.

What is Antalya Card

By leveraging its capabilities, passengers can eliminate concerns associated with cash transactions, ensuring a more convenient and cost-effective means of transportation. Comparing the Antalya Card to traditional credit cards in your home country, it bears similarities to Metro and BRT credit cards. Notably, Antalya lacks a subway system, resulting in the absence of an Antalya metro card. However, the Antalya Card offers a convenient cashless payment option for various vehicles, including buses. It’s crucial to note that some vehicles, like buses, no longer accept cash fares, necessitating the use of the Antalya Card for payment.

The Antalya Card comes in different types, each catering to specific needs and preferences. When purchasing the card, it’s essential to pay attention to the available types to ensure you select the one that aligns with your intended usage. For those planning a visit to Antalya as part of their Turkey tour, understanding the Antalya Card ensures a smoother and more economical experience when moving around the city and exploring its attractions.

Types of Antalya cards

The Antalya Card serves as a crucial pass for accessing all public buses and trams in Antalya. Without this card, public transport in Antalya is inaccessible. For frequent travelers and tourists exploring Antalya extensively, holding onto this card allows for convenient reuse during return visits to this picturesque seaside city.

Types of Antalya Cards: Tailored for Every Need

Antalya Card comes in various types, each designed with specific features and applications catering to distinct groups within society. It’s essential to note that not all types are available for purchase by everyone, as each card is tailored to a particular demographic. In the following sections, we will introduce the most suitable and purchasable Antalya card for tourists and travelers. Subsequently, we will delve into other types of Antalya cards.

Tourist-Friendly Antalya Card: A Comprehensive Introduction

For tourists and travelers, there is a specially designed Antalya card that offers convenience and accessibility. The dimensions of the Antalya card closely resemble those of debit and credit cards, making it easily pocketable without occupying much space. Its compact size ensures hassle-free carrying, allowing users to maintain and use it effortlessly during their explorations in the city.

As we explore the different types of Antalya cards, it’s important to understand their unique features and eligibility criteria, ensuring that each card aligns with the intended user group. Whether you’re a tourist or a local resident, there’s an Antalya card tailored to meet your commuting needs in this vibrant Turkish city.

Antalya Full Card: : This card is suitable for tourists and its cost in December 2023 is equivalent to 35 Turkish lira. To buy an Antalya Card, you do not need documents or ID; But you can get it easily. In the following sections we will introduce the centers where you can get an Antalya card. The type of this Antalya card has a personalized mode which is more expensive and to purchase it you will have to pay an amount equivalent to 50 Turkish lira and also ID documents and photo are required to obtain it. Be sure to increase the credit on the card enough to use it.

Antalya Discounted Card: This type of Antalya Card is intended for students, teachers and retirees. To receive it, you must fill out special forms and provide the necessary identification documents. The peculiarity of these cards is their lower cost.

Antalya Independent Card: The conditions for obtaining the Antalya Independent Card are the same as before; with the difference that it is given to people such as police officers, veterans, people over 65 years of age, disabled people, etc. A special feature of this card is its lower cost.

How to buy and charge Antalya card

You can prepare and charge Antalya card in various ways and then go to different places using vehicles and enjoy Antalya tour. The methods of buying Antalya card and charging it are:

  • Special devices: By referring to the devices that are special for selling and charging Antalya Card, you can buy or charge the card you want and pay for Antalya Card with these devices.
  • Antalya card sales agents: In some supermarkets and stores, it is possible to buy and charge these cards.
  • Most kiosks in the city: you can also get the Antalya card in these kiosks.
  • Airport: It is possible to buy Antalya Card at Antalya Airport.

In general, the Antalya Card website has prepared a map that you can see below. In this map, you can see the purchase and recharge limits of the card. To see more details, you can click on the link to the map of Antalya card shopping and charging centers.

Antalya Card usage cases

If you’re a traveler keen on exploring beyond the confines of an organized Antalya tour, the Antalya Card becomes an invaluable asset to keep your expenses in check. It’s important to note that this card is specifically designed for bus and tram fare payments, offering a convenient and economical way to navigate Antalya’s vibrant streets. Getting around in Antalya by bus and tram is not only easy but also cost-effective when using the Antalya Card.

With a fare of only 15 Turkish lira for each journey, it proves to be a much more economical choice compared to the often pricey alternative of taxis. Taxis in Antalya tend to be expensive, and travelers need to be cautious about potential longer routes taken by drivers to increase fares. Additionally, ensuring the taxi meter is operational is crucial.

What is Antalya Card

For those preferring an alternative, Dolmus, a type of minibus, is a more budget-friendly option than taxis. However, utilizing buses and trams offers significant cost savings. Antalya boasts a well-established network of bus stops, and tram lines conveniently pass by many of the city’s points of interest, facilitating seamless mobility.

If you find yourself in Antalya during the colder seasons, especially if you’re part of a tour like the Antalya Day Tour, having the Antalya Card ensures swift and easy movement within the city. Whether you’re exploring on your own or as part of a guided tour, the Antalya Card proves to be a practical and economical solution for efficient transportation.

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