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7/24 Customer Support

7/24 Customer Support

Private Luxury Yacht Tour in Istanbul

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220 Euro

About this activity

You can cancel up to 72 hours in advance for a full refund
• Bosphorus Strait
• Ciragan Palace
• Ortakoy
• Dolmabahce Palace
• Bosphorus Bridge
• Rumeli Fortress
• Bebek
• Beylerbeyi Palace
• Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
• Kücüksu Pavilion
• Cengelköy
• Anatolian Fortress
• Galata Bridge
• Galata Tower
• Maiden’s Tower(Leander’s Tower)
Duration: 2 Hours
All languages
• 2 Hours Tour on a Private Luxury Yacht
• Transportation from city center hotels (if the option selected)
• Guide (if the option selected)
• Complimentary drinks tea, water and coffee
• 20-meter cruise vessel, luxury motor yacht
• Yacht Capacity is max.10 paxs
• Local taxes
• Alcoholic Beverages
• Imported soft and alcoholic drinks
• Food (if you want, we can arrange breakfast, lunch or dinner with extra cost)
• Optional gratuities
• Tips

Private Luxury Yacht Tour in Istanbul

Meeting and Picking up:

After arrangements, we will send you yacht location. If there is request for private transfer, we can arrange with extra cost.

About Tour:

During your Private Yacht Tour in Istanbul, you will enjoy the beauty of İstanbul and the Bosphorus. You will see Palaces, Fortresses, Bridges, and expensive houses Asian and European sides of İstanbul.

As Manolya Tours, we will be glad to assist you for Private Luxury Yacht Tour in İstanbul. We will send you photos of many luxury yacht photos and will decide about hours together.

Private Luxury Yacht Tour on the Bosphorus in İstanbul

What to Expect?

  • Bosphorus Strait: Istanbul has one of the most distinctive and stunning settings in the world since it serves as a bridge between Europe and Asia, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. The Bosphorus is most brilliant diamond in nature’s crown, flows between the hills on the European and Asian shores. The ancients gave this name to this lovely strait, which is often spelled Bosporus and other times Bosphorus. Because they believed that the mistress of Jupiter, had crossed it in the form of a cow.
  • Ciragan Palace: This is a luxurious Ottoman Palace reflects the urban resort atmosphere and a five start hotel today on the bosphorus.
  • Ortakoy: It is a small and beautiful district on the bosphorus and famous with its beautiful Ortakoy Mosque, Kumpir(baked potatoes) and waffle.
  • Dolmabahce Palace: From 1856 until 1887 and again from 1909 to 1922, the Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul, functioned as the principal administrative hub of the Ottoman Empire, which is neighboring Besiktas on the European part of Istanbul.
  • Bosphorus Bridge: It is unofficially known as the First Bridge, combining Europe and Asia placed in northwest Turkey, and also separates the country by dividing Anatolia from Thrace as part of the continental barrier between Europe and Asia. The bridge is 64 m high from sea level.
  • Rumeli Fortress: It is also called Rumelian Castle is a medieval and antique fortress, situated on a range of hillsides on the European border of the Bosphorus in Istanbul. It was constructed by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror on the European side and is located at the Bosphorus’s narrowest point. In order to restrict the movement of ships across the Bosphorus and use the fortress as a platform for his attack on the city.
  • Bebek:  Along the Bosphorus, the town of Bebek is quite fashionable. It is widely renowned for the elegant cafés and boutiques that line the waterfront and has a lively vibe.
  • Kanlica: Along the Bosphorus, the town of Bebek is quite fashionable area and widely renowned for the elegant cafes and boutiques that line the waterfront.
  • Beylerbeyi Palace: The Beylereyi Palace is situated on the Asian coast of the Bosphorus. This beautiful place represents the last period of the Ottoman Empire. It is superior to all of the royal palaces in Europe since it is entirely made of marble.
  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge: The Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge is familiar to Bosphorus Bridge and  constructed in 1988. It is titled with name of the Ottoman Empire Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror and combines Europe and Asia to each other.
  • Kücüksu Pavilion: On the Asiatic side of the Bosphorus, between the towns of Anadoluhisan and Kandilli, is where you’ll find the Kucuksu summer palace, also known as the Göksu Palace. Mahmut I began constructing the Kucuksu Palace in 1749. In 1857, Sultan Abdülmecit rehabilitated it. The palace had a facelift from Sultan Abdülaziz, who had it renovated and rearranged. It is a modest yet beautiful building that stretches along the Bosphorus rim and is encircled by elaborate cast-iron fences.
  • Cengelköy: The district of Cengelköy is placed between the communities of Beylerbeyi and Kuleli, in Istanbul, on the Asian side of the Bosphorus Strait. There are many mansions constructed there during the Ottoman era.
  • Anatolian Fortress: Anatolian Fortress is called Anatolian Castle and the Beauteous castle is an antique fortress of the Ottoman Empirw, placed on the Asian border of the Bosphorus.
  • Beykoz: Beykoz spans the region between the Kücüksu River’s streams and the Bosphorus’s entrance into the Black Sea, as well as the settlements in the countryside that extend all the way to Riva Creek.
  • Sarayburnu: Sarayburnu placed in Istanbul, Turkey is a point that divides the Golden Horn from the Sea of Marmara. The renowned Topkapi Palace and Gülhane Park are located in the region. Sarayburnu is one of Istanbul’s ancient districts, which was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985.
  • Galata Bridge:  It connects europe to europe and situated at the beginning of Golden Horn. The bridge is so famous that it has been mentioned in Turkish literature, theater, poetry and novels since the end of the 19th century.
  • Galata Tower: It is also known as Christea Turris by the Genoese and a historical stone tower located in Karaköy area, close to the north of the point where the Golden Horn meets the Bosphorus.
  • Maiden’s Tower(Leander’s Tower): This tower is also called Leander’s Tower during Byzantine Empire. Another name is the Maiden’s Tower is known as “Kız Kulesi” in Turkish. It is presently a cutting-edge watchtower and located Üsküdar area on the asian side of istanbul.

Additional Info

  • You will receive confirmation at the time of booking
  • We don’t have wheelchair access
  • We don’t recommend for travelers with back problems
  • We don’t recommend for pregnant travelers
  • We recommend most travelers this Istanbul Tour.

Cancellation Policy

  • Since it is a private tour, you can cancel up to 72 hours in advance of the experience for a full refund.
  • If you cancel less than 72 hours before start time, you paid will not be refunded.
  • If you do any changes less than 72 hours before start time, it will not be accepted.
  • If the tour canceled due to bad weather, you’ll be offered a different date or a full refund.

    Embarking on a private luxury yacht tour in Istanbul is an extraordinary way to experience the city’s beauty and grandeur from a unique perspective. As you cruise along the majestic Bosphorus Strait, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of Istanbul’s iconic landmarks, luxurious comfort onboard, and personalized service tailored to your preferences. In this article, we will explore the allure of a private luxury yacht tour in Istanbul, highlighting the exceptional experience, notable sights, and the indulgent amenities that await you on this unforgettable voyage.

  • Unparalleled Luxury and Comfort: A private luxury yacht tour offers the epitome of comfort and elegance. Step aboard a beautifully appointed yacht equipped with luxurious amenities such as spacious lounges, sun decks, and state-of-the-art facilities. Indulge in the plush seating, fine furnishings, and impeccable interior design, creating an ambiance of opulence and relaxation throughout your journey.
  • Spectacular Bosphorus Views: As your yacht glides along the Bosphorus Strait, prepare to be mesmerized by the breathtaking panoramic views of Istanbul. Admire the magnificent skyline adorned with historic landmarks such as the Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahce Palace, and the iconic Bosphorus Bridge. Capture the shimmering waters and the blend of European and Asian influences that make Istanbul a truly unique destination.
  • Iconic Landmarks and Historical Sights: A private yacht tour allows you to witness Istanbul’s renowned landmarks and historical sights up close. Sail past the majestic Maiden’s Tower, a centuries-old lighthouse perched on a tiny islet, and marvel at the architectural beauty of the Ortakoy Mosque and the Rumeli Fortress. Each landmark carries its own historical significance, and your knowledgeable guide will provide fascinating insights into their stories.
  • Tailored Itineraries and Personalized Service: One of the greatest advantages of a private luxury yacht tour is the ability to customize your itinerary and experience. Whether you prefer a leisurely cruise, a sunset tour, or a full-day exploration, the tour can be tailored to your preferences. The attentive crew will ensure your every need is met, from gourmet meals and refreshing beverages to personalized assistance and an impeccable level of service.
  • Tranquility and Serenity: Escape the bustling city streets and find tranquility aboard your private yacht. Feel the gentle breeze on your face, bask in the warm sunshine, and enjoy the serene atmosphere as you sail along the calm waters of the Bosphorus. This peaceful retreat provides an ideal setting to unwind, relax, and create cherished memories with loved ones or friends.

    A private luxury yacht tour in Istanbul offers a truly unparalleled experience, combining opulence, stunning views, and personalized service. As you navigate the enchanting Bosphorus Strait, you’ll be immersed in the city’s rich history, architectural marvels, and breathtaking scenery. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, seeking a romantic getaway, or simply indulging in the finer things in life, a private luxury yacht tour promises an unforgettable voyage that will leave you with cherished memories of Istanbul’s beauty and splendor.

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