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Fast Track Basilica Cistern Tour

About Tour:

By joining our Fast Track Basilica Cistern Tour, you can skip the line of the museum, save time and get enough information about visiting place. You dont need to spend hours on the line of museum with our official lisenced istanbul tour guide.

As Manolya Tours, we will be glad to help you and assist you for Fast Track Basilica Cistern Tour.

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Fast Track Basilica Cistern Tour

What’s Included?

  • Private Fast Track Basilica Cistern Tour
  • Professional official local tour guide
  • Guide meets you at central hotels or at location
  • 30 minutes private english tour
  • Museum Ticket

What is not included?

  • Transportation (from/back to hotel, between sites (unless option selected)
  • Lunch

Meeting And Pick up

  • You can inform us about meeting place. Our tour guide can meet you at location or at your hotel location.

What To Expect?


The Hippodrome originally was built by Roman Emperor Septimius Severus in 203 and a horse-racing track. But it was not only used for Chariot Races during the Byzantine Empire. They used to organize Court Ceremonies, Coronations and Parades also took place at the Hippodrome, too. But it got its final shape with order of Emperor Constantine the Great in 324.

Blue Mosque (from outside):

Sultanahmet Mosque was built in 1609-1617. It is known as Blue Mosque, but the official name of mosque is Sultanahmet Mosque. There are 21 thousands of blue ceramic tiles adorning the interior of mosque with 260 windows. When the sunlight came in the mosque, it takes blue colour.

Fast Track Basilica Cistern Tour

Basilica Cistern:

Basilica Cistern was designed to service the Great Byzantine Palace and surrounding buildings. It was able to store up to 100,000 tons of water delivered via 20 km of Aqueducts from a reservoir around Belgrad Forest.

Basilica Cistern (Underground Cistern, Yerebatan) is one of the most famous cisterns in Istanbul. It was built during Byzantine Empire and later on not used by Ottoman Empire and forgotton for long time. Since it discovered and restored now. It is used as a museum since 1988.

You will see tow Medusa Heads at the end of Cistern as well. It is really busy during high season. By joining one of our Fast Track Basilica Cistern Tour, you can skip the line of cistern and get enough information.

Additional Info


  • You will receive confirmation at the time of booking. We change tour starting time according  to your request.
  • We don’t have wheelchair access.
  • Basilica Cistern is open everyday and costs 300 TL per person to visit.
  • We recommend most travelers this Istanbul Tour.

Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel up to 72 hours in advance of the experience, you will receive full refund.
  • When you cancel less than 72 hours before start time, you will not be refunded.
  • If you want any changes less than 72 hours before start time, it will not be accepted.
  • If the tour canceled due to poor weather, we will offer a different date or a full refund.

Fast Track Basilica Cistern Tour

The Fast Track Basilica Cistern Tour offers a captivating journey into the depths of Istanbul’s history, allowing visitors to discover the remarkable Basilica Cistern. This underground marvel, also known as the “Sunken Palace,” provides a glimpse into the city’s ancient past and architectural ingenuity.

In this article, we will delve into the allure of the Fast Track Basilica Cistern Tour, highlighting its historical significance, fascinating features, and the immersive experience it provides to those who embark on this subterranean adventure.

  1. Expedited Access to the Basilica Cistern: With the Fast Track Basilica Cistern Tour, visitors can bypass the long lines and enjoy priority access to this extraordinary underground structure. This allows for a seamless and efficient exploration of the cistern, maximizing the time spent discovering its hidden wonders.
  2. Historical Significance: The Basilica Cistern, built in the 6th century during the Byzantine era, served as a crucial water storage system for the city of Constantinople (now Istanbul). This architectural marvel provided a reliable water supply for the Byzantine emperors and later the Ottoman Empire. Explore the rich historical significance of the cistern and learn about its construction, purpose, and restoration efforts that have preserved this remarkable structure over the centuries.
  3. Subterranean Architecture: Step into a mesmerizing world as you descend into the Basilica Cistern. Marvel at the forest of marble columns that support the ceiling, each standing tall in silent elegance. The symmetrical rows of columns, with their unique capital designs, create a captivating atmosphere. Witness the grandeur of the Medusa Heads, the two famous carved heads at the base of the columns, which add an air of mystery and intrigue to the cistern’s ambiance.
  4. Atmospheric Lighting and Reflections: The Basilica Cistern’s atmospheric lighting adds a touch of enchantment to the underground space. As you walk along the raised platforms and navigate through the dimly lit pathways, you’ll witness the magical reflections of the columns and arches on the tranquil waters below. The interplay of light and shadows creates an otherworldly experience that transports visitors to a bygone era.
  5. Immersive Experience: The Fast Track Basilica Cistern Tour offers an immersive experience, allowing visitors to fully appreciate the historical and architectural significance of this underground masterpiece. Knowledgeable guides provide insights into the cistern’s history, pointing out notable features and sharing intriguing anecdotes. The tour creates an atmosphere of discovery, enabling visitors to connect with the past and gain a deeper understanding of Istanbul’s rich heritage.

The Fast Track Basilica Cistern Tour presents a captivating opportunity to explore the hidden depths of Istanbul and delve into the city’s historical and architectural treasures. With expedited access, visitors can fully immerse themselves in the subterranean wonders of the Basilica Cistern.

From its historical significance to the mesmerizing architecture and atmospheric lighting, every aspect of the tour invites visitors to step back in time and unravel the secrets of this remarkable underground sanctuary. Embark on this extraordinary journey, and let the Fast Track Basilica Cistern Tour transport you to the captivating world beneath Istanbul’s surface.

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