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Pamukkale tour from Istanbul:

You can choose the Pamukkale tour from Istanbul to enter the White Paradise and enjoy the cotton castles.

Why should you select Pamukkale tour from Istanbul?

You can choose Pamukkale tour from Istanbul for two reasons. One reason is that Pamukkale is very beautiful and you will definitely be delighted to see this beauty. Second, Pamukkale has mineral hot springs that have many therapeutic and energizing properties.

There is a natural pool called Cleopatra, which is very beautiful and has healing propertie. With Pamukkale tour from Istanbul, you can swim in Cleopatra pool at your own discretion.

Pamukkale also means the cotton castle, apart from the fact that there are large cotton fields near this place, but the presence of snowy travertines has caused this name.

Travertines are stones that are formed from the sediments of hot springs, and the less salts in them, the brighter their color is, here we will see snow-white travertines with beautiful grooves and slopes.

We also use hot springs for treatment, no matter how short this use is, but be sure that its effect on energy is very high. Pamukkale tour from Istanbul is one of the most popular tours in Turkey.

Pamukkale Turkey tour:

Pamukkale Turkey Tour is the start of a fascinating adventure for your trip. The story has been that one of the titans dried the cotton in ancient times and forgot to pick it up, and this is how these cotton terraces were found. However the truth is always bitter.

Because these white rocks with Spa springs appeared as a result of volcanoes in ancient times, and rocks and springs were formed as a result of erosion. Once this city was the seat of the ancient Romans and the home of the gods. This can be understood from the magnificent Hierapolis.

The house of the god of the dead, the temple of Apollo and the amphitheater and numerous baths for travelers who traveled to this city because they cared about cleanliness, it is worth mentioning that Pamukkale and Hierapolis have reached the UNESCO World Register.

Pamukkale Turkey tour is an exceptional opportunity to search among the Roman culture and ancient monuments. For the convenience of travelers who are in Istanbul, Pamukkale tour from Istanbul has been prepared with special and excellent conditions. Please contact us to guide you.

As Manolya Tour family, we will make your visits memorable.

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