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Binbirdirek Mah. Klod Farer Cad. Güven Apartmanı No:2/302 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

In Manolya Tour, the preservation of user information such as: name, surname, email and contact number is considered very important and protecting the privacy of users is one of our main priorities. Manolya Tour uses the aforementioned information to communicate with customers, control processes, monitor the flow of service delivery, optimize website content and conduct marketing research.

     Also, Manolya Tour receives the following information anonymously from the user by obtaining permission from the user. This information is necessary and suitable for purposes such as studying the cause of error reporting and improving system problems and user experience when using the Manolya Tour website or marketing research and providing more relevant services and purchase suggestions and providing correct and more economical suggestions for users or items to support and track customer orders are collected like all systems in the world today and are used in a way that they are not directly related to a specific and certain real person.

     Like other domestic and foreign websites, Manolya Tour uses IP collection and cookies, but Manolya Tour’s protocol, server and security layers and appropriate methods of data management protect users’ data and prevent illegal access, and ofcourse, the responsibility for any misuse It is related to the offending person or persons and Manolya Tour reserves the right to object and pursue legal action at its discretion.

     A cookie is a file that is created by the browser at the request of a site and allows the site to save your visits and customize them. Many browsers allow you to disable cookies, for this purpose you can read the browser’s guide.

     Note that (+90) 0552 344 76 73 is the number through which Manolya Tour will only communicate with its users and customers, and it is clear that it is possible to receive your messages through it. Therefore, send any SMS or call under the title of Manolya Tour with any other number is a violation and abuse of the name of Manolya Tour, and if you receive such an SMS, please inform for legal follow-up.

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