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Hagia Sophia Tour

Hagia Sophia Tour

Hagia Sophia Tour

Hagia Sophia Tour is very important for the people who want to visit Hagia Sophia Museum. Because Hagia Sophia has such a long history and really worth to take a tour during your visits.
It was built as a christian church in between 532-537 by Byzantine Emperor Justinian. Later it became orthodox church and catholic church during Latin invasion at 12th century. After Latin invasion, it became orthodox church again till 15th century. With conquering of Constantinople, Ottoman Empire made it mosque till 1935. Finally Mustafa Keman Atatürk made it museum and still used as a museum today.
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It is really busy during summer seasons and there are really long lines to visit Hagia Sophia Museum. But you can skip the line of museums with Manolya Tours and get information about Hagia Sophia Museum.

Aya Sophia Museum 

Hagia Sophia has different meanings in different languages such as in turkish”Ayasofya”, in greek “Aγία Σοφία Agía Sofí and in french Sainte Sophie. Aya Sophia Museum is one of must places to visit in istanbul. It was the biggest cathedral about 1 thousand years and became Mosque for 480 years. Finally it became a museum with order of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. When it became a mosque during Ottoman Period, all gold mosaics which are with faces, were covered with plaster. It is museum today and in the list of Unesco World Heritage List. We organise everyday Hagia Sophia Tour.
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If you want to learn more about Sophia, you can join one of our Hagia Sophia Tour.

Hagia Sophia Guided Tour 

Hagia Sophia Museum has really long and old history. That is why it is really busy during high season. You may wait 30 minutes on the line of museum to make a visit during day time. That is why we have daily Hagia Sophia Guided Tour for you. By joining one of our tours, you can save your time, money and get information with our local lisenced tours guides.
You dont have to wait on the line of hagia sophia with our local tour guides. Furthermore you will learn history of Hagia Sophia Museum and discover secrets of Sophia with our guides. If you go alone or without guide, you will really miss a lot and regret for that. Hagia Sophia is a living history. That is why we highly recommend you our Hagia Sophia Guided Tour.

Hagia Sophia Tickets 

If you are visiting old city istanbul, you must see Hagia Sophia as well. But it is one of the bussiest museums in istanbul. That is why you may need to wait on the line of museum for long time to buy Hagia Sophia Tickets. But if you join one of our Hagia Sophia Guided Tour, you can skip the line of museum and save your time with us. That is why we recommend you to buy one of our fast track tours as well.
Hagia Sophia is a museum today since 1935. So it costs 72 tl per person to visit Aya Sophia Museum and the price is changing every year before the new season start. You can follow us on facebook and instigram as Manolya Tours.

Hagia Sophia Entrance Fee

Hagia Sophia Entrance Fee is 72 tl today. But it may change before the season start. That is why you can check online prices or need to be ready for a suprise when you reach at the entrance of Sophia Museum. But you can join one of our tours which includes Hagia Sophia Entrance Fee and guiding service. You will save your time, money and discover history of Aya Sophia with our local tour guides. As Manolya Tours, we will be glad to help you and make your visits memorable in Turkey. Our tour guides will take you to all museums without waiting on the lines. Please contact us by phone or mail to us!(info@manolyatour.com).


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