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Christmas in different countries

Christmas in different countries

Christmas in different countries

“Christmas customs vary across countries, shaped by unique cultures and traditions. Each year, this festive ceremony is celebrated worldwide in distinctive ways, captivating us through beautiful photos and videos. As we approach the end of 2023, we witness people’s efforts in different countries to prepare for the celebration of Christmas 2024. The beauty lies in the diverse and fascinating traditions observed during this global endeavor. In this section, we will explore Christmas customs in various countries, such as Germany, Turkey, Canada, Las Vegas, the UAE, and more, gaining insights into the intriguing traditions of people around the world.

What date is Christmas or New Year 2024?

We all know that every year on the first day of January, the people of Christian countries and some Muslims also celebrate Christmas to mark the beginning of the new year. The date of Christmas 2024 is January 1.

How is Christmas celebrated in different countries of the world?

“New Year and Christmas holidays exhibit variations across the world. While some countries share similar customs during these festive seasons, each nation celebrates with its unique touch. If you’re planning to immigrate or travel to a specific country during this period, gaining insights into the Christmas customs of that particular region can be both important and intriguing.

Christmas holidays in Germany

“One of the significant German customs during the onset of the holiday season, particularly on Christmas Eve, revolves around the preparation and serving of special and delicious foods. Traditional dishes include duck, goose, rabbit, roasted meat, potato dumplings, red cabbage, and more. For dessert, Germans indulge in stollen, a delightful treat comprising fruit covered with nuts and spices. An interesting and somewhat unusual tradition observed on this night is the custom of leaving some food on the plate. It is believed that doing so brings about good fortune and blessings.

Christmas holidays in Canada

Christmas holidays in Canada

“In Canada, the Christmas holidays and celebrations kick off on December 25th. On Christmas Eve, Canadians adorn their homes with Christmas trees adorned with colored lights. Notably, the Canadian Christmas tradition includes a charming custom: hanging stockings on the fireplace in anticipation of gifts from Santa Claus. On this festive night, Canadians indulge in a feast featuring grilled turkey and vegetables. For Christmas Day breakfast, a typical Canadian menu includes ham, eggs, and pancakes. As for desserts, Canadians enjoy a variety of treats such as pumpkin cake, plum pudding, and more.”.

Christmas holidays in Türkiye

Have fun at New Year's time in Istanbul

In the review of Christmas in different countries, it is not bad to visit Turkish Christmas. Christmas celebrations in Istanbul and other parts of Turkey include religious ceremonies, celebrations and shopping. In this country, Christmas is usually celebrated on December 25. Their religious ceremonies include prayer, recitation of the Bible and singing in church. If you participate in an Istanbul tour or a Turkey tour, you will see interesting street parties in the streets of Turkey. In general, the streets of Turkey have a special mood these days and the city is decorated with Christmas trees. In Istanbul, you can join the Istanbul New Year Party 2024 tour and celebrate the New Year’s Eve, or join other special New Year Party tours in Istanbul.

Christmas in Las Vegas

The highlight of Christmas festivities in the United States, particularly in states like Las Vegas, is marked by special and captivating ceremonies. A distinctive feature of Christmas in Las Vegas is the iconic pine tree erected in the heart of the city, adorned in a unique and beautiful manner. This grand tree serves as a focal point for the celebration, drawing people to the streets after dinner, where they come together to celebrate in large numbers.

An intriguing belief held by Americans is the anticipation of Santa Claus arriving at homes with his enchanting sleigh, indulging in the sweets and chocolates left for him. Additionally, the customs in the United States include the observance of the Advent festival as a warm welcome to Christmas, along with the enjoyment of delicious festive foods and more.

Christmas in the UAE

Despite being a predominantly Muslim country, the UAE boasts interesting Christmas celebrations, owing in part to its significant Christian population. Notably, the festivities are particularly vibrant in Dubai, where the presence of Christmas is more pronounced than in other parts of the UAE. Many stores and shopping centers in Dubai showcase Christmas tree and Santa Claus decorations, creating a colorful and festive atmosphere. Travelers exploring the Emirates or embarking on a tour of Dubai during Christmas can expect to immerse themselves in the spirit of this event, with the festive ambiance evident in every corner.

Christmas in Armenia

Armenia hosts a captivating and delightful Christmas ceremony, with unique customs that set it apart. While the essence of Christmas is universal, Armenians hold a strong belief that their deepest wishes will be granted at the stroke of midnight on Christmas. Each year, the Republic Square in Yerevan features a grand and beautiful Christmas tree, becoming a focal point for the festivities.

Family plays a central role in Armenian Christmas celebrations, as close and extended families gather to share a delicious dinner. The heart of the Christmas celebration also lies in the Armenian Apostolic Church. In addition to these traditions, Armenians observe the celebration of the Epiphany and the baptism of Jesus. Notably, instead of Santa Claus, Armenians have their own figures such as Gagant Baba, Paper Papa, Dems Pop, and Ded Moroz.

Christmas in England

Christmas in England

Christmas in England is marked by unique customs that add a special charm to the festivities. At midnight on Christmas, a distinctive belief comes to light as people visit their neighbors’ houses. According to this tradition, hosting a guest who is deemed handsome and tall is believed to bring a year filled with happiness and wealth.

During this festive season, people in England engage in a heartwarming custom of visiting each other’s homes, where they celebrate by exchanging symbolic gifts of coal and bread. This act is seen as a representation of good fortune and blessings for the year ahead.

Christmas in South Korea

It’s intriguing to note that South Korea doesn’t traditionally celebrate New Year, but the increasing number of Christians in the country has led to more magnificent Christmas celebrations. While the predominant religion in South Korea is not Christianity, the presence of Christian immigrants has influenced the observance of Christmas. On Christmas Eve, South Koreans gather at cafes and restaurants to enjoy a festive meal featuring traditional foods such as seaweed, kimchi, and Korean barbecue.

Having explored Christmas customs in various countries in the preceding text, if you’re interested in participating in the 2024 Christmas event in Istanbul, you can conveniently book a tour online through the Manolyatour website. Given the tendency for many people to travel abroad during Christmas, it’s advisable to start your preparations early to secure your spot before capacities fill up.

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