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Bursa Turkey

Bursa Turkey is the ancient capital of Ottoman Empire and it is not far from İstanbul which makes Bursa an ideal travel destination for many people. The city has great nature and its totally green. If you like to visit Bursa city, it will take around 3 hours to arrive there. Our Bursa tour guide will take you from your hotel and start to drive Bursa Turkey together.

While you are driving, tour guide will give you information about Bursa city. So before you arrive, you will know a lot about the city and Turkish culture. There are a lot places to visit in Bursa. After you visit sites, you will take cable car to visit Uludag Mountain. If you like, you can rent ski equipments as well.

If you like nature, you should go to Bursa for sure!

It is known as Green Bursa and was the first capital of Ottoman Empire for long years. You can visit Green mosqueGreen Mausoleum and Uludag Mountain by cable car.

Things to do in Bursa

You will go to top of mountain which is above sea level and feel fresh air and can have lunch with Barbeque. If you go to Bursa, you should not forget to see gorgeous Old Treewhich is more than 600 years old.

During your visits to Turkey, you should add daily bursa tours in your list. Beause you will enjoy cable car experience to visit Uludag Mountain. It will be really good experience for you and family. Bursa is totally green city and full of history as well. You will have opportunity to do Ski at Uludag Mountain as well. There are many nice places to visit such as Green Tomb, Ulu Mosque, Cumalıkızık Village and Old Three. If you have more time, that would be nice to stay bursa for a few nights. Because there are very nice thermal hotels where you can try turkish baths.

If you text us about your visits to Bursa city, we will be glad to share our experinces with you and give you good offers for thermal places. .
You can join one of our daily bursa tours from İstanbul. It will be full day tour and starts at 8am in the morning-finish by 10pm. If you like nature and green cities, bursa should be in your list. It was an old capital city of Ottoman Empire for long time. As Manolya Travel Agency, we will give you some package tour offers as well.

Why Bursa?

Some useful information about Bursa Tours
History of Bursa:
Bursa is famous with its natural beautiful green landscape and it was the first capital city of Ottoman Empire.
What time does it start – end?
It starts between 08:00 – 9am and end around 21:00 – 22:00pm
Language of Tour:
We organize many tours. You can join one of them English or Arabic. If you want private tour in another language, we can arrange it for you.
The best time to visit Bursa City:
Bursa is excellent and beautiful city and offers different things to enjoy during each period of the year. Such as you may like summer and relax under tree and join nature or you may like to join winter and enjoy snow on the Uludag mountain.

The most popular places to visit in Bursa

Ulu Camii (Grand Mosque): The largest Mosque in Bursa and landmarks of early Ottoman architecture.
Central Market: Near to Ulu Camii (Grand Mosque), it is known as covered bazaar in Bursa.
Tombs of Sultan Osman and Orhan: It is a tomb of founder of the Ottoman Empire.
Bursa City Museum: It covers the earliest sultans, relics, culture and ethnographic collections.
Muradiye Hudavendigar: It is a mosque in Bursa.

What is Bursa Turkey known for?
Bursa is known for being the largest center of silk trade in the Byzantine and later the Ottoman Empires during the period of the lucrative Silk Road. Bursa is a major center for tourism which is one of the most popular tourist attractions for the visitors with its nature and history.

What days do Bursa Turkey Tours avaible?

It is possible to join Bursa Tours everyday and we have shuttle services from city center hotels. It is daily tour. But if you want to stay there, we can help you to arrange hotels there for overnight staying.
Visiting places in Bursa Turkey:
It was the first capital city of Ottoman Empire and there are many places to visit in Bursa city.
Cable Car
Uludag Mountain
Green Mosque
Green Tomb
Silk Market
Grand Mosque
Thermal springs at a spa or hamam
Dinner at Arap Şükrü
Village of Gölyazı, Misi, İnkaya, or Tirilye
Ancient town of Iznik (Nicaea)
Cumalıkızık Village
The most famous food in Bursa Turkey:
Bursa İskender Kebab is a dish of bread, tomato sauce, strips of grilled meat, melted butter and yogurt on it.

A Bursa tour is always worth your time!

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