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Baghdad Street, Istanbul

Baghdad Street, Istanbul

Baghdad Street, Istanbul; The most luxurious neighborhood in Türkiye

Baghdad Street, also known as “Caddesi” among Turkish locals, stands out as one of the most renowned streets in Istanbul. Situated in the Asian part of the city, Baghdad Street holds the distinction of being one of the oldest and most luxurious streets in Istanbul. Comparable to Istiklal Street in the European part, Baghdad Street is widely regarded as one of the premier shopping destinations in the city.

Attracting a considerable number of tourists, this street serves as a hub for exploring various tourist attractions in its vicinity. If you have an interest in navigating through bustling and upscale streets, join us as we explore Baghdad Street in Istanbul, Türkiye, in detail throughout this article.

Where is Bagdad Street in Istanbul?

Istanbul, a city divided into two parts – European and Asian, boasts the historic Bagdad Street situated in its Asian segment. With a rich history spanning over 400 years, this 14-kilometer-long street runs parallel to the Sea of Marmara, offering a unique blend of tourist attractions, cafes, restaurants, and shops.

A day spent exploring Baghdad Street is a common choice for many tourists, drawn to its vibrant ambiance and the myriad of offerings. Serving as a symbol of lively Istanbul life, the street weaves beautiful memories for those who visit.

Baghdad Street, Istanbul

While most tourists are familiar with the renowned Istiklal Street on the European side of Istanbul, Baghdad Street’s magnificence makes it a destination worth traveling to, even requiring a boat trip to the Asian part of the city. It holds a prestige comparable to Istiklal Street, offering an experience that is equally spectacular.

Bagdad Street in Istanbul truly comes alive in the evenings, providing an up-close view of the city’s vibrant nightlife. Remaining bustling at all hours, this street stands in contrast to Istiklal Street and the European side, which are more popular among tourists. Baghdad Street, located in the Asian part, caters more to the local people of Istanbul, particularly those seeking luxury and stylish goods.

To explore this lively street, one must head to Maltepe and Gazi koy, where the vibrant atmosphere and myriad offerings await.

Sights of Bagdad Street in Istanbul

As mentioned earlier, Baghdad Street and its surroundings boast numerous tourist attractions. Serving as a pivotal route from east to west, the street connects two renowned parts of Istanbul: Maltepe and Kadikoy. Notably, it’s important to highlight that Baghdad Street in Turkey operates as a one-way street. The lush plane trees lining the street contribute to a pleasant atmosphere, creating a charming ambiance for visitors.

This vibrant street is home to an array of amenities, including hotels, restaurants, cafes, stylish shops, boutiques, brand agencies, luxury car showrooms, banks, and more. The presence of these features has elevated the property values along Baghdad Street in Istanbul.

Situated in proximity to the Sea of Marmara, visitors can easily access the coastline to take in the breathtaking views of the sea and enjoy the pleasant weather it offers.

History of Baghdad Street in Istanbul; Baghdad in the heart of Türkiye!

Bagdad street is a luxury street, but it has a rich history. This street was a road between Constantinople Here’s a revised version of the paragraph:

Known as Constantinople and Byzantium in the distant past, this road has witnessed the rich history of the Roman Byzantine Empire and later the Ottoman Empire, particularly in its Asian part. Originally constructed for trade, commerce, and military purposes, the road earned the name ‘Baghdad’ in 1638 following the capture of the city by Sultan Murad IV.

Stretching from the Uskudar neighborhood to Kizil Toprak, Baghdad Street has been adorned with various mosques and fountains by the Ottoman government. Some of the side streets in the neighborhood are still recognized by their historical fountains, such as Salami Cesme, Sogutlu Cesme, and Catal Cesme.

During Sultan Abdul Hamid II’s reign from 1876 to 1909, high-ranking officials, known as pashas, engaged in numerous trades and businesses along this street. These Ottoman court pashas chose to reside in the vicinity, purchasing barren lands around Baghdad Street and erecting magnificent houses and mansions, some of which still stand as tourist attractions today.

Before the First World War, traffic on Baghdad Street was exclusively by carriages due to its cobblestone surface. Following the establishment of the Turkish Republic, the street was asphalted, and a tram line was introduced between the Bostanci and Kadikoy districts, transforming it into a more modern and accessible thoroughfare.

Baghdad Street, Istanbul

How to go to Bagdad Street in Istanbul

Bagdad Street and its picturesque surroundings are easily accessible, making it convenient for last-minute Istanbul ticket buyers to explore. Transportation options such as taxis, buses, and other vehicles offer a seamless journey to this area. Sea buses and ferries are available at Kadikoy and Bostanci piers, providing a scenic route between the European and Asian parts of the city. Additionally, metro and city trains located to the north of Baghdad Street offer another mode of transportation.

For those located in the European part of Istanbul, the most efficient route to Baghdad Street is from Taksim Square to Kabatas. From Kabatas, a tram ride takes you to the Eminonu area. Eminonu features a pier where you can board special ships destined for the Asian side. These ships make stops in the Kadikoy district, which is conveniently located near Bagdad Street.

Going to Bagdad Street in Istanbul by metro

“Tourists can easily access this street with the help of the metro. The Istanbul Marmara Metro stands as one of the most significant transportation projects globally, as it passes under the sea and the Bosphorus. Utilizing the Marmara Metro, visitors can seamlessly travel from the European part to reach Baghdad Street. The Bostancı metro station, conveniently located just one kilometer from this street, serves as a key access point.

Bagdad street hotels in Istanbul

If you’re considering staying in one of the hotels on Baghdad Street in Istanbul, you have a variety of options to choose from. Some notable hotels include:

Hilton Hotel Kozyatagi: A five-star hotel situated in the Kadikovi area and along Baghdad Street, the Hilton Hotel offers amenities such as a sauna, Istanbul Turkish bath, restaurant, massage parlor, Wi-Fi, and more.

Wyndham Grand Kalamis Marina Hotel: Located near Kalamish Park with a scenic view of the sea, this hotel features outdoor pools, a heated pool, a gym, and a shopping center. Many hotels along Baghdad Street are conveniently positioned near public transportation.

Suadiye Hotel: A four-star hotel nestled between Suadieh Beach and Baghdad Street, offering a picturesque view of the Sea of Marmara.

Bostanci Hotel: This four-star hotel is situated in the Kadikoy area. With amenities such as a restaurant and free Wi-Fi, one standout feature of Bostanci Hotel is its notably friendly staff.

These descriptions provide a brief overview of each hotel, giving potential guests a glimpse of the facilities and locations they offer.

Bagdad street shopping centers in Istanbul

The allure of Baghdad Street for both tourists and locals lies in its diverse array of stylish and reputable stores, some with a rich history. Notable among the esteemed shopping centers on Bagdad Turki Street are:

Gilan Store: Renowned for its handmade and unique jewelry, Gilan Store is a must-visit for those in search of special and exquisite pieces.

Pasabahce: Catering to luxury enthusiasts, Pashabagche showcases an elegant collection of crystal dishes. Visitors can explore and purchase decorative, artistic, and traditional crystal items at this upscale store.

Vacco: Nestled in an old wooden building, Waco is a chain store capturing the essence of old Istanbul. Visitors can immerse themselves in the nostalgia of the city’s past as reflected in the items on display.

D&R Bookstore: Recognized as one of the finest bookstores in Turkey, D&R Bookstore on Baghdad Street offers a rich and valuable collection of English and Turkish books, making it a haven for book lovers.

Beymen: Boasting high-quality clothing, Beeman is one of the most famous Turkish brands with a branch on Bagdad Street. Visitors can explore and shop from this brand, which also features examples of international brands.

For those looking to explore the vibrant offerings of this popular destination, booking a cost-effective Istanbul tour enables visitors to experience the most spectacular tourist attractions within a span of two or three days.

Distance from Bagdad to Istanbul with important places

One of the notable advantages of Baghdad Street is its strategic proximity to key centers in Istanbul. Situated close to a plethora of shops, high-quality restaurants, and luxury hotels, the street offers convenience and accessibility to various amenities. Boasting a prime location, the street is a mere 50 meters away from the beach, providing a scenic backdrop for visitors.

The Bostanci metro station, serving as the starting point of Baghdad Street, is conveniently located just one kilometer away. Additionally, the street is approximately 47 kilometers from Istanbul’s new airport, offering convenient accessibility for travelers. For those flying through Sabiha International Airport, Bagdad Street is situated just 28 kilometers away, making it easily accessible for both locals and tourists.

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