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    The name of mosque is originally Sultanahmet Mosque. But it became famous as Blue Mosque because of inner decoration and blue colour that illuminates the mosque with the sunlight. Sultanahmet Mosque has 21,000 tiles, 260 windows and 6 minarets. Sedefkar Mehmed Aga built the mosque in between 1609-1616 during the Ottoman Sultan Ahmet I.

    Blue Mosque has a tomb of the founder, a madrasah and a hospice near the mosque, too. It is still an active mosque and open every day for prayers and visitors.

    It is closed during praying hours. Please check pray hours before you go for a visit! Female visitors should carry a scarf to cover their head and wear suitable clothes for mosque visiting. Your shorts and dresses should be below the knee and shoulders should be covered.

    Information: It is open everyday except for praying haours. It is free of charge.

    Working Hours: 8 am - 6 pm

    • Groups:

      10 persons (max)

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      Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque Tour

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