• Basilica Cistern
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    Basilica Cistern was constructed in 6 century with the order of Justinian I and more than 7.000 workers worked in the construction. It was used as a water reservoir for Constantinople. The Basilica Cistern is 140 meters by 70 meters, about 9,800 square metres and had 100,000 cubic meters of water.

    If you visit Cistern, you will have opportunity to see the head of Medusa from Greek Mythology. The 1963 James Bond film From Russia with Love was filmed here.

    You can also read about Cistern in Dan Brown’s Book, "Inferno". You can watch the movie Inferno, too.

    Information: It is a museum today and open to visitors everyday. Working Hours: Summer (9 am - 6.30 pm), Winter (9 am - 5.30 pm) Entrance Fee: 20 TL

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